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The Carelink environment

Carelink is underpinned throughout by trauma-informed care and practice. As such, the design of our location has integrated the principles of trauma-informed care with the goal of creating a physical space that promotes safety, well-bring and healing. 

We have sought to do this by considering how the physical environment affects identity, worth and dignity, and how it promotes empowerment. The physical environment has an impact on attitude, mood and behaviours because there is a strong link between our physiological state, our emotional state and the environment. 

Carelink's physical space uses neutral yet uplifting colours interspersed with natural planting throughout. Plants perform an important function to connect us to the outdoor world in addition to improving air quality. Our furniture is functional yet homely to encourage conversation and comfort. Our lighting is warm and dimmed in areas to reduce the harness of overhead brightness. We have created visual interest using a range of artwork and photography. Much of our art was simply sourced by cutting images from art books and using various frames to fit including the large fabric art in our meeting room which is stretched material over a canvas. 

We hope we have created a welcoming environment considerate of your comfort and safety. 

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