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About Us

Carelink provides funded support and care services for adults who have experienced abuse perpetrated by Catholic clergy and other individuals appointed by Catholic church entities. 

We offer fully funded support services by connecting you to qualified and highly experienced mental health professionals in the provision of psychological counselling and treatment.


We do this through our unique care coordination model where you will be engaged with one of our Care Coordinators, responsive to your needs and acting as a one point of contact in facilitating any supports or referrals. 

Carelink's commitment to empowerment and safety of its clients informed the introduction in 2015 of the Trauma-Informed Care and Practice (TICP) service delivery model which underpins how we engage with you. Our team here at Carelink are all Trauma Informed trained and supported by professional development and supervision to assist in the delivery of our model. 


We offer a range of other holistic services to support well-being which you can read more about on our site. 


We look forward to working alongside you and your care team in supporting you.  

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