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Family and Friends of survivors

We understand how important it is for families and friends of direct survivors of abuse to have good personal supports around them. Many studies show that secondary survivors have a large influence on how the primary survivor heals from the assault.







To assist in supporting our clients:

  • Survivors referred to Carelink are encouraged to be accompanied by a support person through the following: initial meeting with Carelink (to introduce our services, engaging with a psychiatrist for the purposes of the assessment, attendance at the compensation panel and any appointments thereafter.

  • In support of this we offer to fund an accompanying support person of their choosing to facilitate any of the above by way of travel and accommodation for them.

  • Clients of Carelink are usually accompanied by a trusted friend of family member. In the absence of this (or in addition to), they may be accompanied by a legal representative, psychologist, GP or other professional support. 

  • Carelink proactively ask our clients who is involved in their lives to provide support of both a personal and professional nature and how we may best facilitate their involvement.

  • With particular reference to attending at the psychiatric assessment and compensation panel, we highly recommend that a support person is in attendance. In our experience, this is often where clients feel quite distressed before and afterwards so having a trusted and known person as accompaniment is helpful.

  • The support person acts in a manner of ways dependent on the situation: confidante, advocate, spectator as an example.

  • Some clients request that their support person be kept informed of any correspondence, meeting requests etc. This is very individual.

  • Some secondary survivors accompany our client to our drop in morning tea.

  • Post covid we are hosting a specific morning tea just for secondaries.

To assist in supporting secondary survivors (family and friends), we offer the following:














Child & Young Persons Counselling

Drop In Morning Tea for family and friends

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