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Meet The Carelink Team

Our staff are committed professionals comprising a range of diverse backgrounds including counselling, psychology, social care, victimology, mediation, finance, occupational rehabilitation and healthcare administration. 

Trauma Informed Care is embedded in our staff culture at every step of engagement in our services. We are advocates of a well-being model delivering holistic and recovery focused care and support. 

All Carelink staff are expected to participate in the following external professional development training in addition to ongoing internal training to support the delivery of our model:

- Foundations for Building Trauma Awareness 

- Managing Vicarious Trauma and Wellbeing

- Monthly external supervision and de-briefing with a psychologist

Care Coordinators are expected to participate in further development specific to their role. 

Raspberry Cake



I am Stephanie, the Carelink Director since 2015. My specialist interest is in Criminology and Victimology, whilst applying this to developing trauma-informed principles in supporting survivors of abuse. I have been committed to providing an innovative, personalised, holistic and recovery-focused support model since commencing at Carelink. 

My background includes safeguarding children and vulnerable persons. This includes current work as the Pathways Response Victoria CEO, and a Sessional Member in Justice and Community Safety and previous work in criminal justice and corrections. I am a Trustee of an international sports safeguarding organisation based in the UK and a Catholic Safeguarding and Professional Standards reference group. 

My governance expertise includes serving as a current Board Director of a public health service and a Member of an Australian Government Review Board. 

Outside of work, I can be found caring for my family and often a number of rescue animals. 

Brewing Tea

Mary Ellen

Consultant Psychologist

I have been involved with Carelink since 2012 and work closely with the Director in sourcing external treating professionals and working collaboratively with clients and psychologists in recovery focused care.


I have a particular interest in community and social psychology and how people work together in teams.


I also really enjoy a good cup of tea. 



Care Coordinator

I joined Carelink in 2018 as Care Coordinator and work in providing interdisciplinary care by bringing together the different health specialists necessary to assist in the wellness of our clients. I come from a background in holistic counselling and life coaching and am passionate about inspiring others and holistic healing. 

My other interests include travelling and chasing waterfalls. 



Accounts Coordinator

I’m Kyra. I’m the Accounts coordinator. I love numbers and maths and I’ve been in Accounting & Finance for 3 years before working for Carelink. I was originally from Vietnam, then Canada, Sydney and finally Melbourne. Each place leaves me with precious experiences and memories.

I am a positive person and I can be quiet sometimes. But I love to talk a lot when you get to know me. My other interests include food and travelling. I really hope my skills and experiences will be of help to you.

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