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Care Coordination

Carelink’s client service coordination aligns with positive practice that is trauma-informed and that empowers clients toward healing and the process of recovery. Our clients make decisions about their treatment needs at a pace that feels safe to them and in the direction that optimises healing, trauma-recovery and wellbeing. In promoting best practice that is evidence-based, Carelink expects all healthcare professionals and social services that engage with our clients to adopt trauma-informed principles of care, within the standards and boundaries of their professional expertise.

Trauma Informed Care and Practice

Trauma-informed care has emerged from the growing awareness of the impacts of trauma on victims/survivors of child sexual abuse and recognition that human service systems need to avoid inadvertently re-traumatising survivors of child sexual abuse. 

As a trauma-informed service, Carelink implements an understanding of trauma in all aspects of service delivery and prioritise the individual’s safety, choice and control, while establishing connectedness through a relationship built on trust. 

Individual Counselling

Abuse can leave psychological wounds that can be hard to heal alone. Carelink support individual counselling with a qualified and experienced psychologist individualised to your needs. We can source a practitioner for you or you may already be connected with a suitably qualified psychologist. 

Carelink operates a collaborative approach in working with practitioners and you in supporting your recovery. We do this through ongoing review and treatment plans alongside your care coordination. 

Family and relationship Counselling

Experiencing abuse can impact on our families and relationships. In recognition of this, Carelink can support up to 12 funded sessions each calendar year with a qualified and experienced family or relationship psychologist. 

Individual Counselling for family members

Our family members provide an important role in assisting primary victims in recovering from abuse. The experience of abuse can also have a vicarious impact on the individuals who comprise these support systems. In recognition of this,  Carelink provide 12 funded sessions each calendar year with a qualified and experienced psychologist to support secondary survivors of abuse. 

Spiritual Direction or Pastoral Counselling

The impact on the spiritual wellbeing of many of our clients has resulted in the internal conflict between their spiritual faith and the Catholic establishment. This dissonance can often extend to a loss of connection to the self, family and community. In the process of healing, some clients may wish to access pastoral care or to consult with a spiritual leader in the need to restore their spiritual wellbeing. Carelink can coordinate pastoral, religious or spiritual support counselling for our clients who request it.   

Complementary Therapies

In recognition of research suggesting that trauma impacts the body as well as the mind, Carelink offers funding of $600 per calendar year towards a range of complementary therapies as an adjunct to your therapeutic work. In collaboration with your psychologist, complementary therapies can form part of your treatment plan. 

Individualised Supports

The impact of abuse can be devastating and can have a lifelong affect in complex ways. Some individuals may require additional supports under the care of a psychiatrist. This may mean being prescribed medications to assist in your recovery. Carelink can support the gap payment towards sessions with a psychiatrist and trauma related medications. 

Please refer to our Medications Policy for further information. 

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